Usman Name Meaning in Urdu

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Origin Arabic 
Meaning Hazrat Usman Ghani 
Urdu Meaning حضرت عثمان
Lucky Number 4
Lucky Stones Emerald
Gender Boy 
Lucky Colors Blue, Green, White
Religion Islam

Usman Name Meaning in Urdu:

Usman is a Muslim baby boy name of Arabic origin. The Usman name meaning in urdu حضرت عثمان. the English of islamic male name Usman is Hazrat Usman Ghani . A charming name Usman, many celebrities around the world have also named Usman. It is also the name of the Prophet’s Companion and is a sacred name because of this connection. It has been observed that people with Usman names have charming and daring personalities that also define character adornments which are explained in Urdu by the Usman name meanings. Giving a positive name with beautiful meaning to the kids such as Usman is also considered a Sunnah in our religion.

A name is a source of recognition, and a meaningful name enhances a person’s attractiveness. Certain names bring happiness to life. Muslim male names mean that a baby boy name must be within the guidelines of the Islamic religion with appropriate meanings.

Lucky number of Islamic male name usman is 4. The Lucky stone is Emerald and lucky colors are Blue, Green, White.Usman is also included in modern Muslim male names in Pakistan.


1) What is the Usman name meaning in Urdu?

Usman name meaning in Urdu is  حضرت عثمان.

2) What is the Usman name meaning in English?

The meaning of this Muslim  name Usman is Hazrat Usman Ghani.

3) What is the origin of the name Usman?

The name Usman originated from the Arabic language.

Usman is listed in the Boys Directory section of Islamic Male Names and can be easily searched online. You can also search for the letter ‘U’ in the islamic male Names section.

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