Saad name meaning in urdu

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Origin Arabic 
Meaning Felicity, Good Fortune, Good Luck
Urdu Meaning مبارک، نیک
Lucky Number 8
Lucky Stones Emerald
Gender Boy 
Lucky Colors Blue, Green, White
Religion Islam

Saad name meaning in urdu :

Saad is a Muslim boy name that is originated from the Arabic language.Saad name meaning in urdu is مبارک، نیک .Saad name meaning is “Felicity, Good Fortune, Good Luck”. It is an attractive name even many famous people around the globe are named Saad. Saad , name people are observed to have an attractive personality and brave that also define the adornment in their character same as described in the Saad name meaning in Urdu. Saad is also included in the modern Muslim boy name in Pakistan. The lucky number of name Saad is 8. The Muslim male name Saad lucky stone is Emerald and Lucky colors are Blue, Green, White.

Question /Answer:


1) What is the Saad name meaning in Urdu?

Saad meaning in Urdu is مبارک، نیک.

2) What is the Saad name meaning in English?

The meaning of this Muslim  name Saad is Felicity, Good Fortune, Good Luck.

3) What is the origin of the name Saad?

The name Saad originated from the Arabic language.

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