Mirha name meaning in urdu -مرحا

Arabic Names, Girl Name with M


Origin Arabic
Meaning Allah Ka Noor Lite Of Blessing
Urdu Meaning اللہ کا نور
Lucky Number 5
Lucky Stones Peridot
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Golden, Orange, Red
Religion Islam

Mirha name meaning in urdu:

A beautiful Islamic names and a meaningful name that beautifies the personality of your child. Mirha is a famous muslim baby names which is mostly preferred by the parents. Mirha name meaning in urdu is اللہ کا نور”. and name meaning in English is “Light of Allah” or “Nimble” or “Agila”. The calculation says that the baby girls name with Mirha earn fame all over the world.

Names is the best way to recognition and a beautiful names and also having a meaningful name enhances the charm of an individual personality. According to Numerology Prediction, the lucky number of Mihra is “8” and lucky days of Mirha are Sunday , Tuesday , Thursday, and the lucky color is golden, orange , red that goes with the Mirha name meaning.

Mirha name meaning in urdu characteristics:

Mirha name meaning in urdu is Agila اللہ کا نور “. and the sometime people want to wear stone that’s goes with the name meanings. So the mirha name holders choose their lucky stones however copper is the best metal for this beautiful name. this page give all the informations related to mihra name meaning in urdu or english. And also the list of famous names you search here and get a very good ideas of girls names and beautiful boys names also. And find the latest Female Arabic names and a names that means love all the catagories is available.


1) What is the gender of the name Mirha?

Mirha is an islamic female name. Mirha is top at Pakistani girls names.

2) What is it the nature of the name Mirha?

The name Mirha is a unique name in Muslim countries.

3)  What is the name length of Mirha?

The name “Mirha” is based on 5 alphabets.

4) What is the origin of the name Mirha?

The name Mirha originated from the Arabic language. Mirha is easy to pronounce and learn.


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