Minha meaning in urdu – منہا

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Origin Urdu  
Meaning Grant
Urdu Meaning دینا, عطا کرنا
Lucky Number 4
Lucky Stones Topaz 
Gender Girl 
Lucky Colors Red. Rust and Light green
Religion Islam

Minha meaning in urdu – منہا

Minha is a beautiful name and the Minha name meaning in Urdu is دینا, عطا کرنا. It is a name of Urdu origin that is included in cute and short names. Muslim female names meaning Minha can be romanized like Inayat, Tohfa. A girl named Minha is pretty and polite. The meaning of the name Minha positively affects the character of the girl, and this name is loved by everyone. Minha is a modern Islamic name and there are many celebrities named Minha.

According to a numerological prediction named Minha, 4 is a lucky number and has a positive effect on personality building. The name Minha is an abbreviation of five letters and one word containing it, but the meaning of the name Minha is quite elaborate.The lucky Stone of the Islamic name Minha is Topaz and Lucky Colors are Red , Rust and Light green .

Question /Answers:

  1. What is Minha name meaning in urdu ?

The Minha name meaning in urdu is دینا, عطا کرنا.

2. What is the meaning of Minha in English ?

The Urdu name Minha means ‘Blessed by Allah, Gifted by Allah, Granted’ in English.

3.What is Minha’s name lucky number?

The lucky number of Minha name is ‘4’.

4.What is the religion of name Minha?

The religion named Minha is Muslim.

This page provides formal and alternative spellings for the name Minha. Minha name meaning in Urdu and English is available here. A list of celebrities named Hania can be found on this page.

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