INSHIRAH-إنشراح Name Meaning in Urdu

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Origin Urdu
Meaning Relief, relaxation, cheer
Urdu Meaning خوشی، مُسرّت، راحت
Lucky Number 10
Lucky Stones Ruby
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Red and violet
Religion Islam

Inshirah Urdu meaning of the name:

Inshirah Name meaning in Urdu is   خوشی، مُسرّت، راحت.  The meaning of the name Inshirah is  Relief, relaxation, cheer. It originated in Urdu language.  The name Inshirah is important because it reflects the personality and habits of the kid. For that reason, Inshirah is the perfect selection for a newborn Muslim girl name. Inshirah Lucky number is 10. The lucky colors for Inshirah  include red and violet. Inshirah lucky stone is Ruby. 



1) What is the urdu meaning of the name Inshirah?

Inshirah name meaning in urdu is  خوشی، مُسرّت، راحت

2) What is the meaning of the name Inshirah?

The meaning of this Muslim girl name is  Relief, relaxation, cheer.

3) What is the lucky number of the name Inshirah?

Lucky number for Muslim girl name Inshirah is 10.

4) What is the gender of the name Inshirah?

Inshirah is a baby girl name.

5) What is it the nature of the name Inshirah?

The name Inshirah is a unique name in Muslim countries.

6)What are the lucky colors for the name Inshirah?

Inshirah lucky colors include red and violet.

7) What is the lucky stone for the name Inshirah?

The lucky stone for the name Inshirah is Ruby.

8)  What is the name length of Inshirah?

The name “Inshirah” is based on 8 alphabets. It is included in unique girls names that start with I.

9) What is the origin of the name Inshirah?

The name Inshirah originated from the Urdu language. Inshirah is easy to pronounce and learn

10) Is Inshirah a muslim common or unique name?

Inshirah is a unique name for muslim baby girl.



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