Fareed name meaning in Urdu

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Origin Arabic 
Meaning Peerless, Singular 
Urdu Meaning تنہا، بے نظیر
Lucky Number 6
Lucky Stones Amethyst
Gender Boy 
Lucky Colors Blue , Violet, Black 
Religion Islam 

Fareed  name meaning in urdu :

Fareed name meaning in urdu تنہا، بے نظیر. The Origin of the name is Arabic  . The Arabic name Fareed meaning in English is Singular, Peerless, Matchless, Having No Equal. Fareed is a Cute Muslim Male Name. It has multiple Unique And Islamic meaning. The lucky number of Muslim name Fareed  is 6. The Lucky Stone of Kids Names Fareed is Amethyst. The Lucky Colors of Muslim male name Fareed is Blue, Violet, Black.

 Questions & Answers About Fareed name meaning in urdu:

Q. What does the name Fareed mean in urdu?

The Fareed name meaning in urdu is تنہا، بے نظیر.

Q. What does Fareed name mean in English?

The name Fareed means Singular, Peerless, Matchless, Having No Equal” in English.

Q. What is Fareed’s lucky number?

The lucky number associated with the name Fareed is 6.

Q. What is the religion named Fareed?

The religion named Fareed is Muslim.

Q. Where did the name Fareed come from?

The origin of the name Fareed is Arabic .

A child’s name has a huge impact on their development, relationships, and interactions with the people and things around them. The first thing prospective Muslim parents should know is that in Islam, the decision to choose a name and the act of “naming” Tasmiya in Arabic is the most important moment in life. that it is considered.

Muslim parents have a sacred duty to give their babies a proper name and this is a basic right. This name eloquently unites the child with its creator, and should rejoice in declaring the new human beauty and its happy impact on life in its existence.

Countries that have  Fareed a common muslim baby boys name are Egypt, Pakistan, India, Emarati countries, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, QFareedr, and many others.

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