English names

English names

Whether you’re trying to choose an English name for your little angel. Choosing the right English name is important because it affects the child’s personality in both positive and negative aspect.

Finding the right English names for your beautiful little kid can be exciting and challenging. List of  the most popular and unique English names for girls and English names for boys trends and searches. We provide tools, news, and advice to guide you to the perfect English names.


Meaningful English names for kids are presented here to make kids names selection easier. We have shortlisted the best  English names for boy and English names for boys possible. Popular, unique, modern and trendy names are all here with  English and Urdu meanings. What are you looking for? Check out this great site to pick out the best English names.


For non-native English speakers, it’s best to stick to classic names. Unusual names can be difficult to pick and attract unwanted attention. The list below shows the most popular English names for boys and girls in various countries. these English names are both for babies born today and throughout the last century. All of these English names are very common, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.


Here we have compiled a list of thousands of English names along with meaning and details. Visit our site for more unique, modern, and cute name, names in Urdu , English names, and Hindi names along with their meaning and other details.