CHANDNI Name Meaning in urdu

Girls Name with C


Origin Arabic
Meaning Moonlight
Urdu Meaning منور، نورقمر، روشن چاند کی روشنی
Lucky Number 1
Lucky Stones Bloodstone
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Yellow, white, light green
Religion Islam

CHANDNI Name Meaning in urdu:

The meaning of the name Chandni is Moonlight. It originated in Arabic language. A name is not only the identity, it is the personality of the person. In Islam, signoficant importance is given to the name of a person as it has an influence on the bearer. It is important for parents to select a name for their child that has good meaning and reflects positive personality and nature of the kid. For that reason, Chandni is the perfect selection for a newborn Muslim girl name. It will grand happy, warm, and welcoming feeling and personality to the bearer. The Lucky number for the name Chandni is 1. Its lucky colors include yellow, light green and white. Its lucky stone is Moonstone. The urdu meaning of the name Chandni is منور، نورقمر، روشن چاند کی روشنی. It is a unique name that starts with C.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1) What is the meaning of the name Chandani?

The meaning of this Muslim girl name is Moonlight.

2) What is the lucky number of the name Chandni?

Lucky number for Muslim girl name Chandani is 1.

3) What is the gender of this name?

It is a baby girl name.

4)Is it the nature of this name?

The name Chandni is a unique name in Muslim countries.

5)What are the lucky colors for the name Chandni?

Its lucky colors include Yellow, light green and white.

6) What is the lucky stone for the name Chandni?

The lucky stone for the name Chandni is Bloodstone.

7)  What is the name length of Chandni?

This name “Chandni” is based on 7 alphabets. The name Chandni starts with C.


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