BINT Name Meaning in urdu

Girls Name With B


Origin Arabic
Meaning Daughter, girl
Urdu Meaning بیٹی، بنت، لڑکی
Lucky Number 2
Lucky Stones Emerald
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Blue, green, white
Religion Islam


BINT Name Meaning in urdu: 

The name Bint originated from Arabic language. The English meaning of the name is Daughter, girl. It is important for parents to select a name for their child that has good meaning and reflects positive personality and nature of the kid. For that reason, Bint is the perfect selection for a newborn Muslim girl name. The Lucky number for the name is 2. Its lucky colors include blue, green, and white. Its lucky stone is Emerald. The urdu meaning of the name is بیٹی، بنت، لڑکی

1) What is the meaning of the name Bint?

The meaning of this Muslim girl name is Daughter, girl.

2) What is the lucky number of the name Bint?

Lucky number for Muslim girl name Bint is 2.

3) What is the gender of this name?

It is a baby girl name.

4) Is it the nature of this name?

The name Bint is a popular name in Muslim countries.

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