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“Arshiya” Name Meaning in urdu “Virtue” “worthy ” . Persian language word. It is a girl name. muslims, chistians and hindus choose this name for their girls. “ARSH” means “Blue-Sky”. “ARSH”  name can be taken for both Genders (girl or boy).


Origin persian
Meaning Pious, worthy
Urdu Meaning سايہ دار جگہ، سائبان
Lucky Number 7
Lucky Stones Ruby
Gender Female
Lucky Colors Red, Violet
Religion Islam


Arshiya name meaning in urdu

Arshiya Name Meaning: – “Arshia” means  “ETHICAL” and “sky-fairy” . This is so a meaningful name. it came from the Persian Language. It has a lot of beautiful meanings. This name has one more name which is “ARSH”. Arshiya name menaing in urdu and ARSH name is used in hindu, Muslim, and Christians religion. Because it has very sweet and positive meanings.

Numerology Aspects:      

In astrology number system, 7 digit  is calculated as luckiest # for the name “Arshiya ”. Person having #7 as lucky digit are call “Pioneer”. It is counted in a strong figures. Having this digit, persons want to live independent life. beauty of this  name ”ARSHIYA” has 7 “alphabets” and its lucky digit is also “7”.

Names effect on nature:

“Arshiya ” name meaning in urdu is a charming name of girls. These persons have “Pious” identity. “Arshiya” name girls are “law-obedient”. These characters are so friendly. Flexible by nature. They take task as a challenge and prove their best.

Alternate Ways to spell name Arshya:

This name can also be write it as “Areesha” Arshya” “Arshea”..

It can be shortly pronounced as “ARSHY” for girls.

1) What is the lucky number of Arshiya?

#7 is counted lucky number for this name.

2) What is the meaning of Arshiya?

ARSHIYA means “worthy” loyal” “sky-fairy”.

3) What is the name length of Arshiya?

This name “Arshya” is based on 7 alphabets.

4) What is the religion of Arshiya name?

Is is muslim name but hindu, chiristian this name.

Disclaimer:  lucky digit is based on person’s date of birth. Here we calculated lucky # on the basis of English and urdu letters. Our website is not responsible for any upset. Thank you ! Click here for more!

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