AREESHA Name Meaning in urdu

Girls Name with A


Origin urdu
Meaning Thatched Roof, Shade, Shelter
Urdu Meaning سايہ دار جگہ، سائبان
Lucky Number 9
Lucky Stones Peridot
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Golden,Orange,Red
Religion Muslim

“Areesha”name  meaning in urdu “Dignity” “Loyalty” ”crown head” “to rule”. Urdu language word. Most of the muslims choose this name for their girls. And  name “Areesh” is to be choose for boys.

Areesha Name Meaning in urdu

Sweetly call name “Areesha” name meaning in urdu  “MONARCHY”. An urdu language word. Christians also choose this name for their girls and name “AREESH” for boys just because of their charming name meanings.

Numerology Aspects:

In astrology number system, 3 is calculated as luckiest # for the name “Areesha”. Characters holding #3 as lucky digit are “abservers”, “keen thinking”. It is counted in a strong figures.

Names effects:

“AREESHA” name girls have “Princess attitude”. They love to rule others. By heart these girls are so modest. “crown head” personality. They like travelling and are active in social works.

Alternate Ways to spell name Areesha:

This name can also be write it as “Areesha” Arysha” “Arisha”..

1) What is the lucky number of Areesha?

#3 is counted lucky number for this name.

2) What is the meaning of Areesha?

Areesha means “rule”,”crown head”.

3) What is the name length of Areesha?

This name “Areesha” is based on 7 alphabets.

4) What is the religion of Areesha name?

This name belongs to muslim religion “islam”.

Disclaimer:  lucky digit is based on person’s date of birth. Here we calculated lucky # on the basis of English and urdu letters. Our website is not responsible for any upset. Thank you !

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