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Amyra name meaning in Urdu, Lucky Colour, Lucky Stone, Gender, Origin, Religion, Nature, Personality

Origin Arabic
Meaning Highborn Girl, Commander &Pricess
Urdu Meaning با عزت لڑک
Lucky Number 9
Lucky Stones Ruby
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Violet & Red
Religion Islam

 Summary of Amyra

Amyra Name Description:

Amyra Name Meaning: – Amyra name meaning is princess, commander & high born girl, it is an Urdu & Arabic originated name. It is a Muslim Girl’s name that is both beautiful and unique. Amyra’s name definition is also a Highborn Girl.

Numerology Features:

By Numerology Predictions, the lucky number for Amyra is nine. People with numerology no. 9 indicate to have a softness of personality, which manifests itself in responsiveness, kindness, generosity & tolerance. Having good intuition, such a person makes connections with ease, quickly converges with the folks, and never shows any kind of hostility.

Names effect on personality:

Nisha name girls and women are mostly those who dream during day time. They like to comprehend unrealistic things in their lives. Sometimes it even causes mental anguish in their lives. They love their families & close relatives very much. They are more likely to lead a happy & successful married life. They love to live their lives by their terms, rules, and conditions. They love helping people selflessly. They love to spend quality time with their close & loved ones.

Other Ways to spell and Pronounce the name Amyra:

You can also

spell and pronounce Amyra as Amyera, Amyrah.

1) Want to know the lucky number of Amyra?

The luckiest number for a girl name Amyra is Nine.

2) Want to know the meaning of Amyra?

The meaning of the name Amyra is many such as “Highborn Girl, Princess, & Commander”.

3) What is the character length of the name Amyra?

The Name Amyra contains five alphabetic characters.

4) What is the religion of a girl name Amyra?

The religion of the girl name Amyra is Muslim or Islamic.

5) What is the luckiest color for a girl name Amyra?

The luckiest color for the girl name Amyra is Violet & Red.

6) What is the luckiest stone for a girl name Amyra?

The luckiest stone for the girl name Amyra is Ruby.


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