Amam  name meaning in urdu

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Origin Arabic 
Meaning Protection And Security
Urdu Meaning سلامتی, تحفظ، , حفاظت
Lucky Number 1
Lucky Stones Diamond
Gender Boy
Lucky Colors Yellow, Blue , white
Religion Islam

Amam  name meaning in urdu :

The Amam  name meaning in urdu is سلامتی, تحفظ، , حفاظت . Amam  is a Muslim boy’s name and means Protection and Security. This is one of the most beautiful Muslim names that parents love to give their boys as their lifelong identity.In order to give babies a pleasant personality, parents pay more attention to naming, but Amam  It’s a perfect name for a boy.The meaning of this name has the property of distinguishing one baby from another. Amam  is one of the most popular baby boy name trends. Its easy pronunciation makes it the most charming baby name.

According to the numerological predictions, Lucky named Amam ’s lucky number is 1. The name belongs to the religion “Islamic” and is widely known in the Muslim community due to its deep meaning. The Lucky stone of name Amam  is Diamond and lucky Colors are Yellow, Blue, White.

Questions /Answers :

1) What is the Amam  name meaning in Urdu?

Amam  name meaning in Urdu is سلامتی, تحفظ، , حفاظت .

2) What is the Amam  name meaning in English?

The meaning of this Muslim  name Amam  is  Protection and Security.

3) What is Origin of the name ?

The Origin of the name is Arabic .


A very lovely present from ALLAH to Parents, in particular Muslims, is having a daughter as a kid. Deciding on a baby name is a difficult decision for parents as it requires a lot of thought. Naming a newborn is very important as it gives the child a lifelong identity.Every Muslim is determined to try to offer their daughter each comfort and chooses an excellent name for her. Together with her bringing, deciding on female names with meaning is certainly the most important responsibility. For Parents seeking out it, we have got compiled a listing of female names with meaning which is pretty endearing

Muslims usually consider names to have a deep meaning and Amam  holds a deep meaning as it is a name of Arabic origin that is popular with Muslims.


Here you will get more information about this boy’s name.


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