ALIA Name Meaning in urdu

Girls Name with A


Origin Arabic
Meaning Heaven, Sky
Urdu Meaning اردن کی ملکہ کا نام، بلند برتر، بلند و بالا، اونچی
Lucky Number 8
Lucky Stones Ruby
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Red, Violet
Religion Islam


ARSHI name meaning in Urdu:

The muslim girl name Arshi originated from Arabic language and its means Heaven and sky in English.  Chosing a pleasant name for newborn baby is considered important in muslim households and it is a popular name in muslim countries. The meaning of the name in Urdu language is اردن کی ملکہ کا نام، بلند برتر، بلند و بالا، اونچی. The lucky number according to the name is 8 and its has Violet and red as lucky number. The lucky stone for the name is Ruby. The name refelects the good nature and characteristics of the bearer according to its meaning hence it is a pleasant choice to name a baby girl.

1) What is the meaning of the name Alia?

The meaning of this Muslim girl name is Heaven, Sky.

2)  What is the lucky number of the name Alia?

Lucky number for Muslim girl name Alia is 8.

3)What is the gender of this name?

It is a baby girl name.

4)Is it the nature of this name?

The name Alia is a unique name in Muslim countries.


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