AFIA Name Meaning in urdu

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Origin Urdu
Meaning Away from all problems
Urdu Meaning تمام مسائل سے دور
Lucky Number 7
Lucky Stones Diamond
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Yellow, white, blue
Religion Islam

Afia name meaning in Urdu:

The urdu meaning of the name Afia is تمام مسائل سے دور. The meaning of the name Afia is Away from all problems. Afia originated in Arabic language.  The name Afia is important because it reflects the personality and habits of the kid. For that reason, Afia is the perfect selection for a newborn Muslim Girls name. The Lucky number for the name Afia is 7. Afia lucky colors include Yellow, white, blue. Afia lucky stone is a Diamond.


1) What is the Afia name meaning in Urdu?

Afia name meaning in Urdu is تمام مسائل سے دور.

2) What is the Afia name meaning in English?

The meaning of this Muslim  name is Away from all problems

3) What is the lucky number of the name Afia?

Lucky number for Muslim  name Afia is 7.

4) What is the gender of the name Afia?

Afia is a islamic Girls  name. It is an A list name.

5) What is it the nature of the name Afia?

The name Afia is a unique name in Muslim countries.

6)  What is the name length of Afia?

The name “Afia” is based on 5 alphabets.

7) What is the origin of the name Afia?

The name Afia originated from the Urdu language. Afia is easy to pronounce and learn

8) Is Afia a muslim common or unique name?

Afia is a unique name for muslim baby Girls.

9) Which countries commonly use this muslim name?

Countries that have Afia as a common muslim baby Girls name are Egypt, Pakistan, India, Emarati countries, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, and many others.


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