ABES Name Meaning in urdu

Boys Name with A


Origin Arabic
Meaning King, Lion of Allah
Urdu Meaning کھلاڑی
Lucky Number 6
Lucky Stones Firoza
Gender Boy
Lucky Colors Blue, green, orange
Religion Islam


AAbes Name Meaning and History
“Abes” name includes in a short name. it means “lion of Allah”. It can be spell as
“ABBAS” which also means “KING” .It is an “Arabic” Language word. Its is pure
muslim’s boy name.

According to astrology, 6 digit is to be set as luckiest # for this short name. person
having digit 6 are responsible. Due to their “sacrificing nature” people love them.
“ABES” is a religious name. They have “Monarch” personality. They are very powerful
but not harmful.
Alphabetically blessed Days, Stones, Metals and colors are selected for this name, are “
“Friday”, “Firoza“, silver” , “Green” “Orange”.
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1) What does Abes name mean?
Name “Abes” means “King”.
2) What is the Lucky Number of Abes?
#6 is counted as lucky number.
3) What is the religion of the name Abes?
This name is a pure muslim religious name.

4) What is the origin of Abes name?
An Arabic originated word.
5) What is the blessed color of the name Abes?
Charmed colors are “Orange” “blue”.


Disclaimer:  lucky digit is based on person’s date of birth. Here we calculated lucky # on the basis of English and urdu letters. Our website is not responsible for any upset. Thank you ! Click here for more!

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