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Aaira name meaning in Urdu, Lucky Colour, Lucky Stone, Gender, Origin, Religion

Origin Urdu
Meaning Noble Woman, Respectable Lady &Honourable
Urdu Meaning عظیم الشان، باتمیز، با اخلاق
Lucky Number 3
Lucky Stones Peridot
Gender Girl
Lucky Colors Orange, Red & Golden
Religion Islam


Aaira is a rare & simple Muslim name used for Muslim girls, baby names, & kid names. Aaira’s name means respectable & honorable, noblewoman. Aaira’s name origin is Urdu, Islam. Aaira’s name lucky number is three. Aaira name favorite colors are red, orange & golden. Aaira’s name lucky stone is peridot. Aaira is getting popular nowadays. Aaira’s name is Urdu is:. People with Aairaa name tend to

be strong-minded & have stylish, pleasing, gentle & diplomatic personalities. Girls with Aaira names are mostly honest in dealings. A most noticeable feature of Aaira-name girls is their bold confidence.

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